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Seaman sophomore Ryin Miller and Shawnee Heights senior Jackson Esquibel won individual titles and Washburn Rural junior Payton Fink posted a top-five finish in the premier division to lead a large Shawnee County contingent in Friday and Saturday's Rim Rock Classic.

RyinMiller2023 2Seaman sophomore Ryin Miller won the Girls Crimson title in Saturday's Rim Rock Classic, leading the Vikings to a second-place team finish. [File photo/TSN]

JacksonEsquibel2023 5Shawnee Heights senior Jackson Esquibel won the individual championship in the Boys Crimson division in Saturday's Rim Rock Classic. [File photo/TSN]

PaytonFink2023 4Washburn Rural junior Payton Fink (right) finished fifth in the Girls Gold division in Saturday's Rim Rock Classic at Rim Rock Farm. [File photo/TSN]

Miller won the individual title in the Girls Crimson division with a winning five-kilometer time of 18 minutes, 24.4 seconds to lead Seaman to a second-place team finish while Esquibel won the Boys Crimson title with a winning time of 15:57.0.

Fink posted a time of 18:24.4 to post a solid fifth-place finish in the Girls Gold division.

Seaman sophomore Brody Anderson finished ninth in the Boys Crimson division at 16:42.6 while Hayden senior Aiden Amis posted a 13th-place showing in 17:03.5.

Hayden, Rossville, Seaman, Shawnee Heights, Silver Lake, Topeka High, Topeka West and Washburn Rural all competed in the meet, one of the largest cross country meets in the Midwest, with four races on Friday followed by eight races on Saturday. 

Over 3,100 runners from Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa and Arkansas participated in the two-day event.

Friday’s races

Races contested Friday evening included the Girls Gold junior varsity, the Boys Gold JV, Girls C Team and the Boys C Team.

The only race that didn’t include local schools was the Girls Gold JV race, but the remaining races included Seaman and Washburn Rural.

Girls Gold JV

Team scores (top five)

1st - St. Thomas Aquinas                39

2nd - Owasso                                  53

3rd - St. Teresa’s Academy              95

4th - Mill Valley                                 115

5th - Cheyenne Mountain                141

Boys Gold JV

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Cheyenne Mountain                21

2nd - Omaha Creighton Prep          57

3rd - Washburn Rural                    112

4th - Manhattan                               121

5th - Owasso                                   147

Washburn Rural results: Josiah Denman (18:23.8; 11th); Eli Replogle (18:28.4; 14th); Wyatt Shorb (18:28.4; 15th); Christopher Quarles (18:53.1; 28th); Wesley Meek (19:18.8; 44th); Trey Recob (19:35.8; 59th); Preston Bahr (19:44.2; 65th); Alex Jeffries (19:44.4; 66th); Anderson Leinwetter (19:57.2; 74th); William Peat (20:44.7; 98th)

Girls C Team

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - St. Teresa’s Academy             25

2nd - Owasso                                  55

3rd - Christ Prep                              85

4th - St. Thomas Aquinas                152

5th - Lawrence                                 173

Washburn Rural results: Lacey Middleton (25:34.7; 34th); Kailey Dorzweiler (25:53.3; 42nd); Rayuana Huey (26:37.3; 54th); Harper Tenbrink (27:12.3; 60th); Lily Jeffries (27:45.4; 69th); Jaiden Loreman (29:49.4; 91st); Ashleigh Fitzhugh (31:02.6; 107th); Vianey Villasana Perez (31:34.2; 111th)

Boys C Team

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Omaha Creighton Prep           44

2nd - Manhattan                              81

3rd - Washburn Rural                      89

4th - Park Hill South                        106

5th - Sunrise Christian                    154

Washburn Rural results: Braylon Badger (20:07.5; 14th); Caleb Palmer (20:17.4; 16th); Luke Lemke (20:25.9; 18th); Jackson Svaty (20:26.5; 20th); Nate Macha (20:26.8; 21st); Chase Eichholz (20:49.0; 28th); Steven Carr-Metzger (21:20.2; 40th); Asher Denman (21:30.4; 43rd); Aaron Dailey (22:35.2; 68th); Brennan Inloes (22:53.0; 72nd)

Seaman results: Trace Brungardt (22:20.3; 65th); Ryan Shepherd (23:15.0; 75th); Nick Horton (24:42.1; 99th); John Holloway (25:30.8; 108th); Spencer Archer (30:35.3; 124th); Andrew Yorkey (31:11.2; 125th); Caleb Sieve (31:30.5; 126th)

Saturday’s races

The races on Saturday were the Girls Crimson/Blue JV, Boys Crimson/Blue JV, Girls Gold Varsity, Boys Gold Varsity, Girls Crimson Varsity, Boys Crimson Varsity, Girls Blue Varsity and the Boys Blue Varsity.

After the first race of the day, the Girls Crimson/Blue JV, there were three different weather delays due to lightning. The second race was supposed to begin at 8:45 a.m., but didn’t actually start until 12:05 p.m. due to the delays.

Girls Crimson/Blue JV

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Denver East                             30

2nd - Dallas Center-Grimes            54

3rd - Christ Prep                               85

4th - St. James Academy                104

5th - Bishop Carroll                          119

Seaman results: Alex Richardson (22:56.7; 28th); Hannah Wempe (23:50.1; 46th); Kinley Robinson (25:37.4; 99th); Emma Gonzalez (25:46.9; 103rd); Kaylee Cooper (27:12.4; 133rd)

Shawnee Heights results: Adelaide Davis (29:06.9; 155th); Brooklyn Binkley (29:11.1; 156th); Piper Geil (29:26.1; 158th); Reese Perkins (29:33.7; 159th); Allison Frieson (30:23.5; 164th); Mackenzie Narsh (33:27.5; 182nd); Emily Richardson (35:27.0; 190th)

Boys Crimson/Blue JV

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Ankeny                                     15

2nd - Junction City                           70

3rd - Christ Prep                               97

4th - St. James Academy                106

5th - Bishop Carroll                          122

Shawnee Heights results: Noah Allen (20:51.7; 89th); Landon Patrick (21:16.5; 103rd); Boston Valdivia (21:24.3; 106th); Theron Rose (23:19.1; 141st); Gavin Rose (23:23.3; 143rd); Brennan Ackerman (26:17.0; 160th); Jackson Osborne (27:01.5; 162nd); Zechariah Hassan-Burney (27:12.0; 164th)

Topeka West results: Wyatt Jones (21:57.3; 120th); Peyton Collette (21:57.7; 121st); Simon Phelps-Roper (22:45.9; 135th); Finn Lappin (25:55.2; 157th); Amos Phelps (29:56.5; 167th); Malachi Phelps (31:27.3; 169th)

Girls Gold Varsity

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Olathe West                             140

2nd - Denver East                            190

3rd - Owasso                                    201

4th - Great Bend                               203

5th - Dallas Center-Grimes             211

Washburn Rural : Payton Fink (18:24.4; 5th); Emily Graf (19:15.5; 23rd); Rylee Ismert (19:27.4; 28th); Brooklyn Nolte (21:22.4; 122nd); Kenzie Maddox (21:51.4; 144th); Kate Muir (22:29.3; 165th)

Boys Gold Varsity

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Classical Academy                  78

2nd - Denver East                            130

3rd - Owasso                                    138

4th - Great Bend                               170

5th - Dallas Center-Grimes             210

Washburn Rural results: Brooks Kehoe (17:35.2; 132nd); Max Gutierrez (17:42.3; 145th); Connor Olsen (17:51.8; 162nd); Higgins Hawks (18:00.8; 172nd); Hayden Keller (18:23.3; 214th); Brody Tenbrink (18:27.4; 216th); Bodie King (19:28.2; 263rd)

Girls Crimson Varsity

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Christ Prep                               50

2nd - Seaman                                   172

3rd - Andover                                    177

4th - Bishop Carroll                          177

5th - Kapaun Mt. Carmel                 198

Seaman results: Ryin Miller (18:55.0; 1st); Brynn Spencer (20:48.0; 24th); Stella Applehanz (21:05.4; 29th); Savannah Sampson (21:40.9; 51st); Elinore Stallbaumer (22:56.8, 101st)

Shawnee Heights results: Karyssa Furgarino (24:17.1; 158th); Angie Mensah (25:09.4; 188th); Giovanna Garcia (29:49.7; 232nd); Adiellla Holland (31:21.5; 235th); Kristel Bernales (31:51.0; 236th); Jackelyn Garcia (33:41.1; 241st)

Boys Crimson Varsity

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Buhler                                       89

2nd - Lexington                                 118

3rd - Bishop Carroll                          127

4th - Dodge City                                292

5th - Wamego                                   298

Seaman results: Brody Anderson (16:42.6; 9th); Jack Walker (17:28.6; 37th); Anthony Del Zio (18:21.5; 87th); Joseph Yorkey (18:43.8; 112th); Corbin Murrow (18:49.0; 121st); Alex Newell (18:55.9; 139th); Drake Spurlock (19:12.1; 165th); Conner Bloom (19:21.9; 175th)

Topeka West results: Elijah Phelps (17:47.6; 55th); Adrian Lehman (17:52.8; 60th); Mark Wilkie (18:38.0; 106th); Tony Lloyd (18:58.4; 144th); Ezra Phelps (19:20.6; 174th); Max Cook (20:24.5; 237th)

Shawnee Heights results: Jackson Esquibel (15:57.0; 1st); Issac Song (19:27.7; 177th); Max Esquibel (19:31.8; 181st); Landon Staniec (19:46.7; 193rd); Andrew Schhulte (19:55.6; 19:55.6); Cash Reitcheck (20:23.3; 232nd); Carter Vincent (20:58.8; 241st); Caron Anderson (20:58.8; 255th); Mason Deitcher (21:44.6; 268th); Conner Knernschield (21:47.5; 269th)

Topeka High results: Levi McGee (19:05.8; 158th); Stuart Campbell (19:14.3; 166th); Will Toland (19:31.4; 175th); Caleb Brown (19:43.0; 188th); Rigoberto Solis Carlos (20:00.3; 208th); Tayleon Flores (23:33.6; 282nd)

Girls Blue Varsity

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Baldwin                                    67

2nd - Clay Center                             136

3rd - Buhler                                       198

4th - West Franklin                           264

5th - Whitewater-Remington           275

Hayden results: Elliot Wrench (22:12.8; 44th); Sofia Harper (22:27.9; 55th); Elaina Wolf (23:52.9; 108th); Ryann Newkirk (24:16.0; 121st); Kellyn Specht (24:27.0; 131st)

Silver Lake results: Tessa Gerber (22:07.0; 41st); Alessandra Gerber (22:12.3; 43rd); Kylie Podlena (24:25.0; 128th); Breanna Ackerly (25:48.6; 178th); Ashtynn Forgy (28:17.8; 233rd); Really Sterling (29:53.1; 243rd)

Boys Blue Varsity

Team scores (top five teams)

1st - Holcomb                                   123

2nd - Central Heights                       145

3rd - Hutchinson-Trinity                   212

4th - Smoky Valley Home                256

5th - Baldwin                                     303

Silver Lake results: Eli Ferguson (18:27.2; 55th); Aemon Coffman (18:29.1; 57th); Caleb Rooks (19:20.1; 112th); Hunter Rooks (19:20.5; 113th); Jared Johnson (19:27.1; 117th); Joel Heier (20:35.9; 198th); Zach Rodenbaugh (20:47.9; 206th)

Hayden results: Aiden Amis (17:03.5; 13th); Zach Moore (18:14.7; 46th); Conner Baldwin (18:44.2; 71st); Jonah Stewart (20:17.4; 174th); Brody Beckman (20:38.7; 201st); Luke Franklin (20:39.5; 203rd); Ethan Rochford (22:02.8; 270th)

Rossville results: Mason Broce (19:17.5; 109th); Dalton Verschelden (19:53.7; 151st); Logan Kufahl (20:35.5; 197th); Wyatt Carey (21:15.6; 236th); Torin Culbertson (21:54.4; 264th); Nate Fund (21:58.4; 265th); Eden Thompson (24:06.0; 314th)

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