Nine Silver Lake and Rossville players have received mention on the All-Mid-East Volleyball team, led by four first-team selections.

McKinley Krugermug 3McKinley Kruger

KinseyPerinemug 1Kinsey Perine

KinleyPortermug 2Kinley Porter

SarahWehrlimug 2Sarah Wehrli

Silver Lake, which posted a 32-12 record and placed third in the Class 3A state tournament is represented by seniors McKinley Kruger and Sarah Wehrli while Rossville, which went 31-8 on the year, put seniors Kinsey Perine and Kinley Porter on the first team.

Perine was an all-league first-team repeater while Perine, Kruger, Porter and Wehrli were all unanimous first-team selections.

Silver Lake junior Ella Bolan and Rossville freshman Nora Burdiek were second-team picks while Silver Lake seniors Kaibryn Kruger and Makenzie McDaniel and Rossville senior Ryan Leathers received honorable mention. 


First team

Ayla Klingenberg, Rock Creek; McKinley Kruger, Silver Lake; Kinsey Perine, Rossville; Kinley Porter, Rossville; Brenna Smith, St. Marys; Sarah Wehrli, Silver Lake.

Second team

Ella Bolan, Silver Lake; Nora Burdiek, Rossville; Hope Garland, St. Marys; Hayden Heim, St. Marys; Sam Killingsworth, Rock Creek; Ambree Portelli, Rock Creek.

Honorable mention

Maddie Belle Davis, Riley County; Kaibryn Kruger, Silver Lake; Ryan Leathers, Rossville; Sarah Lett, St. Marys; Makenzie McDaniel, Silver Lake; Brynna Zoeller, Rock Creek. 

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