2024 Shawnee County Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Golden

TSN to name top 100 athletes in Shawnee County...Will Nijaree Canady be on the list?

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2024 Shawnee County Hall of Fame inductee, Kelsey Chipman

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Bob Benoit, 2024 Shawnee County Hall of Fame inductee

Nick Stringer, 2024 Shawnee County Hall of Fame inductee

TSN to name top 100 greatest athletes in Shawnee Cty....Will Gary Woodland be on the list?

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The annual Topeka City Girls Tennis Championships were in the home stretch Thursday before lightning and eventually rain caused the completion of the meet to be pushed back to Monday at Kossover Tennis Center.

The city meet is scheduled to resume at 3 p.m. Monday.

JetteGlasenappCity 3Shawnee Heights junior Jette Glasenapp was playing for the city championship in No. 1 singles Thursday when lightning and rain pushed back the tournament to Monday. [Photo by Rick Peterson/TSN]

CarolinaChedzoy2023 2Washburn Rural junior Carolina Chedzoy was playing for the city title in No. 1 singles when the tournament was postponed because of inclement weather. [Photo by Rick Peterson/TSN]

The No. 1 singles and doubles championships were well under way, with Shawnee Heights junior Jette Glasenapp facing Washburn Rural junior Carolina Chedzoy in the No. 1 singles final and Hayden senior Lauren Sandstrom and junior Emily Sheetz taking on Seaman senior Katie Krumins and sophomore Molly Gorman in the No. 1 doubles final.

SandstromSheetz2023 1Hayden senior Lauren Sandstrom (left) and junior Emily Sheetz will resume their bid for the city No. 1 doubles title at 3 p.m. Monday. [Photo by Rick Peterson/TSN]

MollyGorman2023 4Seaman sophomore Molly Gorman returns a shot during Thursday's city No. 1 doubles title match. [Photo by Rick Peterson/TSN]

Glasenapp was up 6-4, 4-1 on Chedzoy in the singles final when the tournament was delayed while Krumins and Gorman had just finished off a 6-4 first-set win over Sandstrom and Sheetz when players were pulled off the court for safety reasons.

Seaman freshman Emma Sweeney finished third in No. 1 singles, posting a 6-2, 6-2 win over Hayden sophomore Grace Funk in the third-place match.

Washburn Rural seniors Claire Ireland and Gabby Martinez finished third in No. 1 doubles with a 6-2, 6-1 win over Topeka High in the third-place match.

Rural senior Mena DiMarzio was facing Topeka High senior McCall Beall in the No. 2 singles championship match while Washburn Rural juniors Emerie Catlin and Izzy Haggard were playing Seaman senior Kate Eckert and freshman Cameron Lux in the No 2 doubles final. 


At Kossover Tennis Center

Individual results


No. 1 -- Championship: Glasenapp, Shawnee Heights, vs. Chedzoy, Washburn Rural. Third: Sweeney, Seaman, def. Funk, Hayden, 6-2, 6-2.

No. 2 -- Championship: DiMarzio, Washburn Rural, vs. Beall, Topeka High. Third: Chinn, Seaman vs. Sexton, Hayden.


No. 1 -- Championship: Sheetz/Sandstrom, Hayden, vs. Krumins/Gorman, Seaman. Third: Ireland/Martinez, Washburn Rural, def. Boiteau/Ritter, Topeka High, 6-2, 6-1.

No. 2 -- Championship: Caitlin/Haggard, Washburn Rural, vs. Eckert/Lux, Seaman. Consolation: Glotzbach/O'Bray, Hayden. vs. Ambrose/Ambrose, Topeka High..

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