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Musing at the mid-month:

• All of us who wanted Chris Jones to fade away during his holdout learned something as the Chiefs smothered Jacksonville.

• Superior defensive linemen remain a rare breed.

• Jones kept himself in superb condition while losing money during training camp.

• Jones came in sufficiently motivated despite finally agreeing to a deal that didn’t seem to favor him much.

• And the Chiefs won because of his impact on a defense that excelled on the road in hot, humid conditions.

• Although the offense sputtered, we all know Patrick Mahomes is capable of incredible feats.

• His most startling achievement of late is passing Progressive Flo as TV’s most recurring spokesperson.

• Not sure anyone predicted that a new, handsomely-paid right tackle would provide as much intrigue as anyone on the Chiefs roster.

• Seems to me that Eric Bieniemy is a pretty good offensive coordinator. Do the Chiefs miss him?

• The outcome of the Missouri game represents a bad loss for K-State.

• Face it, MU fans chant SEC better than their sports teams identify with the SEC.

• The move to that conference made little sense geographically, as evidenced by the rare sellout against a Big Six and beyond rival Saturday at Faurot Field.

• Oh, except for the SEC money. It’s great and all, but Mizzou has not been a factor in football since Gary Pinkel helped lead the charge to a new conference.

• Maybe this is the Tigers’ year with the SEC looking a bit shaky at the start.

• Not as shaky, unfortunately, as the Big 12, which may need to brace itself for an Oklahoma-Texas sendoff in the conference championship game.

• When wounded Will Howard slid rather than plow for the first-down sticks on a fourth-quarter play at Mizzou, the K-State QB needed to come out.

• Instead, he remained in, and the Wildcats sputtered, unable to put the game away.

• I think Howard will recover mentally and physically. He’s tough.

• However, precision is typically a strength that allows K-State to overcome superior athletes like MU’s Luther Burden.

• Instead, the Cats left Columbia needing to sharpen their attention to detail in all phases and within all position groups.

• It took a 61-yard field goal to beat them, but coach Chris Klieman understands the importance of making critical plays in tight games.

• I just wonder if he has enough playmakers at his disposal.

• KU also discovered the road can be fickle, needing a fourth-quarter touchdown to extend a Nevada losing streak that ranks as the longest in the FBS.

• Yet the Jayhawks stiffened when they needed to and again rode impressive performances from Jalon Daniels and Devin Neal.

• Kenny Logan is the ultimate veteran contributor, improving incrementally during each of his many seasons.

• I don’t mind examining artist renderings, but I’m more fascinated when facilities are opened and put to use.

• The plans for the KU football makeover are ambitious, especially among those who still wonder what grimy file cabinet the Gridiron Club blueprint got buried in.

• KU’s new digs, when built, will undoubtedly mark the dawning of a new day down the hill.

• Bravo to Travis Goff, an athletic director bridging the basketball-football paradox and winning over a fan base.

• I remember many ADs in Lawrence who had few friends upon leaving.

• Ditto for K-State, which also found a popular AD in Gene Taylor.

• Good to see at both places, considering everything that gets funneled through a major-college AD.

• They have their own athletic programs to build while also navigating fault lines associated with realignment, equality and funding.

• I know. They get paid well for what they do, but what they do is hard.

• When the shifty and sturdy Neal finishes at KU, where will he rank among hometown Jayhawks?

• That list includes John Hadl, a player the Capital-Journal named KU’s player of the century in the newspaper’s 1999 football preview.

• All-star picks from the first quarter-century of the 2000s would include some legendary performers.

• Collin Klein and Todd Reesing would quarterback K-State and KU, respectively, while Mahomes is a generational talent for our local pro team.

• That would be the Chiefs, not State Farm.

• I won’t draw this out by selecting a quarter-century team in its entirety.

• My memory can be spotty, especially when turning Medicare age this month.

• Do I just sigh and accept the expanded pill case I get as a gift?

• Maybe my wife will splurge and buy the deluxe model with big letters and color-coding.

• As I think about turning 65, I’d be happy to settle for progressive flow.

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