Freshman Ty Weber didn't know exactly what to expect when he got called into Washburn University head football coach Craig Schurig's office a couple of weeks ago.

TyWeberTy Weber

But that meeting ended up providing the former Washburn Rural star linebacker with a fast track to the Ichabod starting lineup on the other side of the ball at tight end. 

"Coach Schurig called me into his office and I went in and honestly at first I was a little scared,'' Weber admitted. "I didn't know what I was getting called in for, but he told me, 'We have some injuries and we need somebody to play the spot.' He said he liked my physicality and he thought I'd be good for the position.

"He kind of explained to me what I needed to do and I got a crash course in it and that's how I came to be a tight end. He gave me the decision and I told him I would do whatever I could to get on the field.''

The quick switch ended up with the 6-foot-3, 225-pounder in Washburn's lineup for last Thursday's home game against Missouri Southern and he has continued to get more familiar with the position leading into Saturday night's MIAA contest at Lincoln (6 p.m. kickoff).

"It's been a process, but I've embraced it,'' Weber said. "I've enjoyed the process of becoming a tight end. Coach (Josh) Osborn has helped me a lot to move over and I love the physicality of the position and being able to catch the ball.''

Weber wasn't completely new to the position, having played tight end late in his senior season for Washburn Rural after teammate Lukas Hanks went down with an injury.

"When Lukas got hurt the last two games of the year I played tight end, so it was a great refresher to get back to doing it,'' Weber said. "At first I was learning all the runs and just getting the basics of the offense down. Now I'm starting to transition into route-running and being able to get out and show my skills.

"I think tight end and linebacker are pretty similar in terms of being physical and you have to know the whole offense and the whole defense in and out. So I think the tight end position has been a really good transition for me to be able to show what I can do.''

If Weber was surprised at the prospect of making a position switch so early in his freshman season, his parents may have been even more surprised.

"I'm about 10 minutes away so we got done with practice one day and I drove home and I said, 'Hey guys, I think I'm going to get on the field,' '' Weber said. "They were pretty excited and I was like, 'But I think I'm going to be on the other side of the ball.'

"They were surprised at first but they eventually came around and they were excited to see me out there.''

Weber eventually got the word that he would not only get on the field against Missouri Southern but would be in the starting lineup for WU's home-opener.

"I had a good feeling the morning after Pitt,'' Weber said. "Coach Os said, 'Hey, be ready this week,' and just gave me a little statement and when I heard that I knew I had to prepare very well that week because I knew I was going to get in and start.

"It was pretty awesome. It was something that I wasn't really expecting coming in, but I embraced it and I thought, 'How special is this? I get to play in my hometown for my hometown college.' ''

Schurig gave Weber high marks for his first college performance after the Ichabods rushed for 167 yards and had 310 yards of total offense despite losing standout quarterback Kellen Simoncic to a season-ending injury (broken collarbone) in the first half.

"That was probably our biggest improvement from Week 1 to Week 2, the run game, and Ty did better in the game than he did in practice which was great to see,'' Schurig said. "He played really well and has had a great week of practice. He stepped in and was a great teammate and moved over and did a really good job.

"He can also catch. He's fully capable and he has in practice. Now we've just got to trust it in the game.'' 

It remains to be seen if Weber remains on offense or switches back to defense in the long term, but right now he's happy where he is.

"At this point I'm just trying to take it day by day and focus on the season and then once the season's over in the winter and spring I'll kind of re-evaluate and see which path I want to go on,'' he said. "But right now I'm loving it.''

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